A Girl Named Julie

A friend of ours had spent two years working in Haiti after the earthquake.  She met many people during that time who were working on addressing the many needs in that devastated region. 

She only recommended that we visit one – Julie from REBUILD Globally.

Julie had a vision for social entrepreneurship that was ready for action.  She believed in helping others but she knew that the old way was not good enough anymore.  Development had taken the path of money, program installment and this had bred dependency.  Julie had a better way.  She had been influenced by a model that focused on development from within that empowers people and has a long term impact because it sustains itself.

So Julie saw the devastation ofthe earthquake and did the unthinkable, she bought a ticket and went to help.  We admire Julie for this act of courage and believe in her model of care. 

In a small corner of Port au Prince there is a shop where Haitian women work and get paid for making a product that sells beyond Haitian borders.  They make these products out of materials that otherwise serve no useful purpose.  Old tires and leather fragments become sandals that are attractive, affordable and quite comfortable.  These women are making a salary and supporting their families in a place where 80% of people are underemployed.  There is hope that by encouraging self sustainability that the project will go on and eventually be a fully Haitian led force for good.