The Cycle Of Violence From A Child's Perspective

We believe that children are deeply wounded by the violence that invades our world.  We are particularly concerned about the triad of child abuse and neglect, domestic violence and human trafficking.  These three violent offenses prey on the vulnerable and we believe that children are impacted by these early experiences.  We recognize that in order to impact a child's health and wellness there must be a focus on addressing root cause problem. 

We believe in engaging the spectrum of Exploitation of vulnerabilities

from prevention to aftercare.

We look at the world of children through the eyes of exploitation.  We believe that there is much to be learned and gained from understanding the concept of exploitation of vulnerablitilies.  We live in a world where power and control are expressed in many ways.  We believe that where people seek power there is risk for power being gained by oppression and injustice.  When people seek power with oppression then there will be those who are oppressed. 

We are especially concerned about how this impacts children.  We believe that children are the ultimate vulnerable population as impacted by poverty, parenting and power.  In thier vulnerability they are easily exploited and broken by forces that they cannot oppose within themselves.

We must find ways to address the triad that forms this cycle of violence.  A child abused or neglected is at risk of being exploited.  The Child that witnesses violence in their home is at greater risk of being oppressed.  Human trafficking and exploitation is the ultimate expression of human degradation.

We believe that we must be prepared to continue fighting for them.  

Fight against those elements that minimize the importance of childhood wellness.  

Fight against those who exploit children for labor, sex and power.

Join us in this fight