According to UN ENABLE, 12 million children have a disability in India.  9 out of 10 of them have no access to school.  Worst of all, they are twice as likely to be victims of violence and discrimination.  We seek to bring hope to disabled children by valuing their lives and fighting for their rights.  Hope and Grace is working with Tezpur Baptist Hospital to bring needed therapy to disabled children in Northeast India. Every child has a story, and we're fighting for all of them. 



Disabled children are the epitome of the vulnerable. They are often dependant upon others for the most basic of human needs. In poverty stricken communities, the prevalence of disability as well as the societal burden of being disabled is great. Their rights are no less important and their hope is no less a priority.


We recognize the need to support visionary leaders who have identified the special needs that disabled children have. In northeast India, we have partnered with Tezpur Baptist Christian Hospital to promote a community health program focused on bringing hope and healing to disabled children.

This program has successfully engaged parents, schools and government leaders to embrace these children to become meaningful members of the communities. In addition, we are partnering with anti-trafficking organizations in Bangalore and Delhi to study best practices of human trafficking prevention which can be contextualized to empower community leaders in the Assamese region in their quest to intervene in human traffick epidemic which is currently sweeping the globe.



of disabled children in India die


of intellectually challenged children will be sexually abused


of all disabled persons in India are children


You can impact the lives of children in need.