Born in tragedy, built on hope.

Our vision: To rescue, protect and restore hope in the lives of thousands of people.

These words are a reminder of our beginnings. This story starts with a little girl named Grace and her sisters whose beginning was less than ideal. Their lives began with abandonment in rural Romania at a time when children were stored in rooms until they were old enough to be moved to an orphanage.

Our founders were blessed to be able to adopt these girls into a loving and permanent family. This was an amazing time of developing hope and healing in the lives of these little girls. The truth is that life is always one step from tragedy. This family experienced that tragedy on June 2, of 2008 when a tragic accident took the life of Grace, age 9. This tragedy spurred the family to work with a sense of urgency to bring hope and healing to children around the globe.

The reality was that witnessing the resilient nature of child and seeing hope flourish encouraged them to react to tragedy by wanting more for other children. This work focused on orphans but quickly expanded to identify that many children were functionally orphaned and at risk for abuse, neglect, exploitation and coercion into lives of brokenness.

We are a 501(c)3 organization.